Shaping strong allyship skills

I know I can always be learning how to be a more effective ally.

That's why I am excited to announce this year's final program, Conscious Use of Power November 2-6, 2016, will be focused on just that -- shaping strong allyship skills.

If you are interested in developing greater awareness of the dynamics that have contributed to where you are today, how you conduct yourself in everyday life, and how you can use this understanding to transform intractable problems, deepen your impact and lead with authenticity and compassion, we'd love to have you join us.

I'm also excited to share with you a few of my highlights from the last six months at the Inner Activist:

☀ Supporting a remarkably diverse and courageous group of participant change makers and sharing the joys, pains, excitement, passion and heart-felt learning moments in our programs

☀ Deepening our understanding of how the art of communicating across difference enables us to model what we teach

☀ Providing even more practical experiences and tools to more change makers through free leadership tools, webinars and special events 

Participants in our March and May 2016 programs brought their spirit and wisdom and engaged in powerful learning that happens when a community explores the intersections of identity, equity, diversity and awareness. Their sharing was full of heart, passion, conviction and honesty. Just check out the photo above taken in May of our Building Strong & Respectful Relationships cohort. What an amazing bunch! (Photo credit: Suzanne Nievaart).

One participant commented that The program has helped remind and affirm that I am respected and seen and in the right place doing good, meaningful work, and that unhealthy, self-disregarding behaviours cannot continue.” Larissa Stendie, Climate & Energy Campaigner, Sierra Club of BC.

Our faculty teams continued to deconstruct their own roles, and integrate the wisdom and experience each group brings, striving to ensure they are serving change makers in the most open, safe and collaborative environment possible.

This courage and creative spirit was reflected in participant comments like, I definitely am so appreciative of the work the facilitation team does and the skill involved in creating a space that is safe enough to do this type of work for a room full of such different people.”Katie Rasmussen, Contractor, Victoria Coalition for Survivors of Torture, and, I really liked how every activity connected together. It was a really thorough way to bring together complimentary thoughts, ideas and explorations.Samantha Pointing, Next Up Coordinator, BC Region.

As we move into the second half of 2016, our goal is to ensure we continue to support the work change makers are doing by providing meaningful experiences and powerful tools through our courses. 

Conscious Use of Power November 2-6, 2016 will be supporting participants to develop greater awareness of their social identities, unconscious bias and where each of us are dominant and marginalized so we can tap into our own power and use our rank and privilege awareness to bring about change in our communities.

If you find our offerings compelling, let’s talk! Please send our Outreach & Engagement team an email ( We love to learn about the wonderful work you are all doing in your community and how our programs can be of service.

Wishing you the best for the summer season!

-- Ian Curtin, Inner Activist Project Director