Supporting change makers to go deeper

Change makers often work under enormous pressure as they confront some of the greatest environmental and social problems of our time. We know access to financial resources is often one of the biggest challenges.

The Inner Activist bursary program reflects our commitment to offering an equitable and inclusive program. Through this fund, we aim to support a wider range of communities and expand opportunities to participate to more individuals and groups working for social and environmental justice. 

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Hear more from past bursary-supported participants about how Inner Activist courses assisted their work as change makers:

"When I first arrived at the Haven to take the Inner Activist Building Personal Mastery course I felt that I had lost my sense of self. After the course, I left at peace, having rediscovered myself and let go of a lot of pain and anger that had come from my work as an activist. I really feel Inner Activist courses are essential to change makers. They need somewhere to go where they can heal and they are a priority." -  Tambu Kahari, Centre for Women of Colour (Bursary Recipient, Building Personal Mastery 2014 )

"My experience as a participant and bursary recipient in Building Personal Mastery was hugely rewarding. There were participants from from a broad range of ages, ethnicities, genders, sexualities, and classes. The facilitators skillfully held space for participants to confront some tremendously challenging and destructive personal behaviours. I left with tools and learning that I will continue to employ as I move through my life and the work that I do." - Tobais Atkinson, Founder, Hammer and Saw: Youth Building Community (Bursary Recipient, Building Personal Mastery 2014)

"We know in theory that the political is personal and the personal is political.  But this workshop really allowed me the space to become aware of this dynamic at a much deeper level. The result? Greater compassion for myself and others, greater awareness of how marginality and privilege infuses everything we do and say, reminder to constantly question my assumptions…  And a more nuanced ability (hopefully) to use my power wisely while supporting others to do the same." – Caitlyn Vernon, Coastal Campaigner, Sierra Club of British Columbia (Bursary Recipient, Building Conscious Use of Power 2013)

"Inner Activist has been a critical step in my self growth. The faculty have designed programs that are relevant to my everyday life, and have prioritized building their bursary program to support people to continue accessing those programs. Without their support I would not have been able to leave a full time job and other responsibilities to spend a week surrounded by beautiful nature and people, learning the intricacies of myself." – Hawa Mire, Storyteller, Writer & Strategist (Bursary Recipient, Building Strong & Respectful Relationships 2012)

If you would like to request a bursary application to attend Building Personal Mastery (March 14-18, 2015), Building Strong & Respectful Relationships (May 30 - June 3, 2015) or Building Conscious Use of Power (November 4 - 8, 2015) please email