Building Conscious Use of Power 2013: That’s a wrap!

In October, fifteen incredible change makers came together to explore issues of power and privilege at the Haven Institute on Gabriola Island, British Columbia.

Participants from VanCityNextUpFair Mining Collaborative, Hospital Employees Union and more came together for a truly transformative experience. Hear how Building Conscious Use of Power has benefited their work and their lives:

I have so many more tools that allow me to get through the tough interactions that always arise. This leaves me so much more energy to engage in my work, instead of getting distracted and blocked by conflict, apathy and burn out. – Amy Crook, Executive Director, Environmental Mining Education Foundation

I’m more aware both of my own space and the space I’m working to create for the groups that I’m working with. – Kevin Millsip, Founder, Next Up Leadership Program

Definitely I approach my work differently. In particular, trying to slow down and be less attached to the outcome, make space for other voices and other styles of working, and be more compassionate for myself and others, recognizing that if I am to sustain this work over the long term I need to take on less and take better care of my own health, not just the health of the planet.  – Caitlyn Vernon, Coastal Campaigner, Sierra Club of British Columbia

I am certainly more aware of the issues of rank, power, privilege, and marginalization then ever before and find myself starting conversations about it. – Jennifer Hilton, Owner and Coach, JLH Coaching

I see myself as more compassionate and even keel when interacting with others in a conflict situation. – Janet Lee, retired 

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