Conscious Use of Power

Understand your relationship to power. Be a more effective collaborator and ally.

September 23 - 28, 2019 

Conscious Use of Power

Understand your relationship to power in order to be a more effective collaborator and ally.


How we are in the world, how we relate, collaborate and lead arises in part from our experiences with power. Power can be a negative force, creating division, polarization and systems of oppression, or it can be a source of personal growth and collective transformation. 

Conscious Use of Power deepens our understanding of the conflicts, polarization, and feelings (such as anger, pain, guilt, helplessness, apathy and despair) caused by abuse of power and the resulting trauma. We explore the development of our social identities, both marginalized and dominant, as sources of strength and wisdom, and as places of deep wounding. Practices to get us ‘unstuck’ and help us tap into our psychological and spiritual power will free our capacity to hold difference and to consciously use all forms of power, resourcing ourselves and our communities. Together we work to support the inner and outer changes which build solidarity, allyship and collective power. 

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This course is led by:

  • Camille Dumond
  • Natasha Aruliah
  • Aslam Bulbulia
  • Kris Archie

Course Dates: September 23 – 28, 2019*
*Accommodation includes the evening of September 23 to ensure all participants arrive at the Haven on Gabriola Island on time, ready to begin the course at 9am on September 24. The final session will end at 3pm on September 28, 2019.

Tuition (includes all meals and accommodation):

$2200 - Supporter Tuition (support others as well as yourself)

$1600 - Sustainer Tuition (pays for you)

$750 - Community Tuition (discounted)

Read about accommodation and meals here.

If you require a full bursary, please describe your financial need in an email to Where applicable, describe any support we can help you access (support from your organization/employer, personal networks, grants, etc.).

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All Inner Activist courses are grounded in the understanding and awareness that individuals and groups working for social change do so within the context of social inequity and power difference.


"Conscious Use of Power 2017 has been one of the most transformational trainings that I have ever attended. I have continued to use, share, and reflect on the frameworks, ideas and language around rank, privilege, and intersectionality that I learned. Most importantly, I am now connected to a new family of changemakers who continue to inspire me and fuel the work that I do." Tesicca Truong, Co-Founder, CityHive Vancouver