Free Webinar! Conscious Use of Power

Join the Inner Activists for a free lunchtime webinar September 10 and learn more about our upcoming course, Conscious Use of Power.

Date: Thursday September 10, 2015

Time: 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM

Understanding your relationship to power and how you use it is essential to supporting individuals, teams and social movements to be empowered, equitable and have a greater impact. This means exploring issues of power, rank, privilege, our own experience of marginalization and belonging, how the personal intersects with the political and the role power plays in our lives and work.

Join us for a FREE 45 minute webinar September 10, 2015 and hear how our upcoming course, Building Conscious Use of Power (November 4-8, 2015), will assist you to gain the knowledge and tools you need to respond more effectively to power, interact more compassionately with others and use your power consciously to create meaningful and lasting change.

Hosted by:

Natasha Aruliah

Natasha Aruliah - Natasha is a member of the faculty team leading Conscious Use of Power 2015. She currently works as a consultant and facilitator in Vancouver and around the world in all areas of diversity, social justice, equity and inclusion.




Melyssa Hudson participated in the 2014 Conscious Use of Power workshop and found it incredibly eye opening and continues to use her insight from the workshop at work and in her personal life. She currently works as the Campaign and Administrative Associate with ForestEthics Advocacy since 2012.



September 10, 2015 at 12pm - 12:45pm

Will you come?