Deepening my skills to stay engaged

Someone recently asked me, "What was the Inner Activist's course, Building Personal Mastery, like for you?" After some contemplation, the answer was clear. 

"The course helped me deepen my skills to stay engaged as an activist." As a person and as a professional, this core piece was (and still is!) essential.

I have spent most of my life working for women’s reproductive rights, including the past 32 years as a midwife and as an advocate for women’s access to choice-based, relational maternity care within Canada’s public health care system. Over the same period I have also been engaged as an environmental and social justice activist. About eight years ago all of these issues came together for me in the climate crisis, when I realized that all those babies who had been delivered into my hands were going to inherit a world rocked by climate instability and, because of all the inequality in the world, by increasing global conflict.  

Since then I have been shifting my focus more and more to climate justice and trying to figure out where I can work most effectively. As part of this new path, I attended all three of the Inner Activist courses. A big question that I brought to the Inner Activist was: How can I engage in a personally sustainable and relational way on an issue as big as climate change which, just based on its chemistry and physics, is careening terrifyingly out of control? 

Participating in the Inner Activist I have learned a lot about myself. I have learned key tools that help me understand what it means for me to personally work in more self-aware and sustainable ways. I have also made incredible friends and allies across activist movements that might not, at first, seem all that connected. 

I deeply believe that everybody matters, and that real and lasting change is built on relationships and connections, as well as on honestly and courageously confronting the dysfunctional power dynamics in our lives that get in the way. The Inner Activist offered me personal renewal, self-reflection, and deeper skills to stay engaged as an activist. I can't wait to go back!


Registration for Building Personal Mastery March 10-16, 2014 is now open! Have questions? Email or attend our upcoming free Building Personal Mastery webinar January 30, 12pm - 12:45pm PST.


Jane Kilthei has worked as a midwife and advocate for women’s reproductive rights for more than 30 years.  She is currently Registrar and Executive Director of the College of Midwives of BC, Canada.  In Ontario, Jane campaigned for midwifery’s inclusion in the funded, regulated health care system and, as President of the Association of Ontario Midwives, she led the negotiations for Ontario’s first midwifery funding contract.  Since the 1970’s Jane has also founded an intentional community, worked as a community organizer on a number of environmental and social justice campaigns and, with her partner Larry, raised two children, now both in university. Currently she is on the board of the Cowichan Land Trust in British Columbia. Here she took the lead in establishing an interpretive centre on the Cowichan Estuary, is a watershed activist with citizen-activist group One Cowichan, and an initiating group member with Transition Cowichan. This spring Jane is retiring from her work in midwifery and shifting her focus to supporting individuals and communities in building relational, social and ecological resilience in a complex and rapidly changing world.