My first 100 days with the Inner Activist

My first 100 days at the Inner Activist have been a rich and challenging experience...and full of learning.

Among my opportunities has been learning to build relationships with a community made up of people that recognize the tremendous challenges the world is currently facing, and is, in many ways, a microcosm of those challenges. I have learned that the Inner Activist is a community that is committed to recognizing opportunities that emerge in times like these, like the opportunity to name systemic and oppressive structures and dynamics within our own organization and in the communities we serve, and to work together to deepen our clarity and commitment to supporting changemakers.

Over the last six years, Inner Activist programs have supported participants to deeply examine themselves: their ego, biases, power, privilege, and lived experiences. Taking the time to do deep inner work has allowed changemakers to better understand themselves and the change they seek. They can then bring that new knowledge into their lives and work to build a world that is more equitable, just and sustainable.

We as an organization are examining the dominant structures that continue to benefit the few, and grapple with how these play out within our own organization and the diverse communities we seek to serve. As part of this process, we have decided to pause our course offerings (cancelling Building Strong & Respectful Relationships 2017) and to begin engaging in a deep internal dialogue.

We are excited to use this time to examine what it means to embed deep equity and inclusion into our programs and within all aspects of our organization. As we prepare for these conversations, I will continue to work with our faculty, staff, volunteers and other supporters to learn from the Inner Activist journey.

This is an exciting opportunity for the Inner Activist to be bold, candid, and as always, compassionate, empathetic and caring with each other. I look forward to opening up the space to hear the ideas and people that need to be brought to the table at all levels of the organization in order to strengthen our curriculum, our faculty and our operations.

Conscious Use of Power (CUP2017) will still be offered in October 2017. This course focuses conversations around the dynamics of power, rank and privilege. As we move forward, CUP2017 together with our other course offerings, will continue to be a space for participants to build their inner personal awareness, boldness and strength and experience a place where they can be vulnerable throughout the process. We see this as an important step to all people who see themselves as leaders or wanting to contribute to social change in today’s society.

Here is to 2017 being a year of transformation for all of us, it has definitely been one for me so far!