Our Courses

Develop the leadership skills you need to become a transforming influence at work and in the world.

Inner Activist courses are led by professional educators and social change activists. We are committed to helping change makers become more effective leaders. We believe the more we understand about ourselves, our relationship to others and to the living world, the stronger our change-leadership can be.

Hosted in beautiful coastal British Columbia, our courses explore why and how we operate in our work and in the world. We explore the barriers we may face and learn powerful tools to create new ways of approaching change work.

The Inner Activist is a project on Tides Canada’s shared platform.

2018/2019 Courses

Building Personal Mastery

Building Personal Mastery

Create a more self-aware, balanced and inspired social change practice.
Next Course begins in March 29, 2019 | Learn More

Conscious Use of Power Icon

Conscious Use of Power

Understand your relationship to power in order to be a more effective collaborator and ally.
Next Course begins October 23, 2018 | Learn More

Building Strong & Respectful Relationships

Building Strong & Respectful Relationships

Learn how to find common ground across differences and build healthy interactions
with others.
Next Course begins in 2019 | Learn More

All Inner Activist courses are grounded in the principles and practices of diversity, inclusion and social justice.

Upcoming Webinars & Events

Curious about our courses? Interested in understanding more about how they will benefit you? Join us for a free webinar or special event in a community near you. Led by course facilitators and past participants, these are great opportunities to ask questions and hear about what a ‘day in the life’ of an Inner Activist course looks like.

"Inner Activist courses allowed me to develop greater compassion for myself and others, and greater awareness of how marginality and privilege infuses everything we do and say. A reminder to constantly question my assumptions, and develop a more nuanced ability (hopefully) to use my power wisely while supporting others to do the same." Caitlyn Vernon, Coastal Campaigner, Sierra Club of British Columbia