Reflections from Building Personal Mastery 2014

Spring has sprung on the west coast of Canada and we can't think of a better way to mark another powerful gathering of change makers at Building Personal Mastery 2014.

This year, twenty two dynamic individuals took part in our six-day retreat at the Haven Institute on Gabriola Island, British Columbia. Participants from First United ChurchCentre for Woman of Colour (Ontario), Pivot Legal SocietySt. Margaret's School (Victoria), Tides Canada Foundationthe Organic Council of OntarioProfessional Employees Association and more came together to create a rich experience for everyone involved.

Here are some of the ways they describe how this course has impacted their lives and work as change makers:

I'd lost my sense of self when I first arrived at the Haven to take the course because of all the pain, rage and anger I exhibited and was also directed at me during my activism. It all felt like one humongous pile of garbage and began to eat away at me, polluting every sector of my life. After the course, I left at peace with myself. I'd rediscovered myself, and most importantly I could let go of the pain. That is why activists should take this course. Activists put themselves on the frontline for others. They need somewhere to go where they can heal and they are a priority. Inner Activist courses are essential to change makers.-- Tambu Kahari, Centre for Women of Colour

The core of Building Personal Mastery was mapping my ego, which helped to bring into awareness barely conscious behaviours that have limited my effectiveness and even stopped me from taking actions that reflect my deepest values. I think my efforts to bring about change in the world should be based in my love for other people and for Earth. I can see more clearly now that I can’t act from that place if I’m always trying to protect myself from imagined dangers that arose in my childhood, or always striving toward unachievable ideals of personal strength and knowledge. The BPM course helped me to understand those internal processes better, which will clear the way for me to act with integrity based in my love for people and the planet. -- Christine Fletcher, British Columbia Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations.

I believe the course is phenomenal in helping you understand yourself with respect to others, and of your tangible and intangible personal boundaries that thwart or enhance communication and connection. Most of all you get to meet and work with extraordinary people with extraordinary talents. It’s the beginning of a journey in self learning that has definitely enhanced all the areas in which I relate with others especially my consulting engagements.-- Taurai Ushewokunze, Principal Management Consultant, London, England

I have become aware that I sometimes have a disconnect between my intention and my actions. After my time learning from the Inner Activist program, I have begun to explore and uncover the root causes of my attitudes, predispositions and behaviors, especially those that don't serve me personally or professionally. I am eternally grateful to have come away from the training with practical, hands on skills that nurture authenticity, clarity, compassion, balance and connection with myself and those around me. Further, the opportunity to explore natural environments like Gabriola Island is essential to helping individuals heal. --Anna Chpilevaia, Victoria Immigrant & Refugee Centre Society

The Building Personal Mastery program with the Inner Activist helped me look at and clarify my own self sabotaging patterns that stop me from creating deeper connections and more effective work styles. I left the course with smart, practical tools to help me continue to identify my own behaviours and guide my thinking. The deep conversations I had with the variety of people in our group provided plenty of insights that I will carry with me for a long time. This is the kind of work that will drive the kind of change we need to see globally.-- Rachel Rocco, Tides Canada Foundation

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