Why I invest in my employees' well being

The returns are so much greater that I would have imagined.

A number of Sierra Club employees have attended Inner Activist courses over the years. Upon returning to the office they often praise the framework, the personal depth to which the courses push you, and the relevance of the material to how they approach their own work.

As managers we intuitively know that one of the smartest things you can do to achieve success within your organization is to retain high-quality, effective employees. To achieve this, it is critical to support them in their efforts to do good work while taking care of themselves personally. This in turn leads to helping them develop for themselves how they can become even more effective at what they do.

With a couple of my employees, it has entirely changed their relationship to their work, how they bring ‘themselves’ to their projects and how they respect and understand who they are and why they do what they do.

To this end, I am very pleased with the programs being offered by The Inner Activist, and when asked by my colleagues I  highly recommend them.

Like a lot of non-profit organizations, Sierra Club’s staff experience huge demands on their time. There is always too much to do and it is all super important. In addition they earn a limited salary and have limited benefits, so to support them to experience the Inner Activist approach to transformation is key, to their performance at work as well as and to becoming effective leaders in their personal lives.

In my forty some-odd years of managing people it has become very clear that the people who have clarity within themselves are more effective about how they approach work and how they manage themselves within a work setting. Yes, there are other excellent programs for staff development. But the high-touch approach and effort to delve into personal-professional workplace dynamics really sets The Inner Activist aside.

I take my hat off to The Inner Activist. I have no hesitancy in Sierra Club staff taking the time to attend one of their courses - and the fact that they have a generous bursary program helps a great deal as well.