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Today’s world is full of change and polarity. In many facets of society, the gap is growing rapidly between the privileged and people who are often marginalized. Economic, environmental and social disparities are on the rise – but thankfully, so are the number of individuals and organizations looking to develop deeper self-awareness, responsibility and new tools to build real change across difference.

Donate now and support leaders creating a more equitable world.CUP2015_group_beach_cropped_7.jpg  Right now, for every dollar you donate, a generous donor will match it dollar for dollar!

The Inner Activist program has been developed specifically to support current and emerging leaders to build this change. Our courses aim to grow powerful, emotionally and culturally competent individuals who are courageous in the face of conflict. These skilled collaborators can identify and interrupt the cycles of systemic oppression and working across our differences to creatively solve problems and build a more equitable world.

We invite you to become part of the solution. Please donate to the Inner Activist and help support leaders develop the tools they need to create meaningful change through a social justice, diversity and deep equity lens.

Your donation, along with others, will help to change the way we live, work and build together, right here in your communities.