Thank you 2017!

What a tremendous year of learning. As I complete my first year as Project Director, what I feel the most is grateful. 

I want to focus this post by saying thank you to our faculty, volunteers, supporters, and everyone the Inner Activist has crossed paths with during 2017

After each of our 2017 courses, I left feeling very inspired.
 It was such a gift to see how people connected to the course material, went deep within themselves to build with each other, and went even further to create amazing things together out in the world! 

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Here’s what a few of the participants had to say about our recent Conscious Use of Power course which wrapped up in October:

Conscious Use of Power 2017 has been one of the most transformational trainings that I have ever attended. I have continued toTessica_2.jpg use, share, and reflect on the frameworks, ideas, and language around rank, privilege, and intersectionality that I learned at CUP 2017. Most importantly, I am now connected to a new family of changemakers who continue to inspire me and fuel the work that I do. Thank you for convening such an impactful gathering! – 
Tesicca Truong, CityHive Vancouver Co-Founder

Moussa_2.jpgIt is almost impossible to describe in few words the great learning and thought-provoking wisdom I took away from this most needed training for human rights and social justice activists, like myself. As Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change your world.” Conscious Use of Power confirmed for me that this change starts with myself first! - Moussa Magassa, UVic Human Rights Education Advisor


The wound is the place where the Light enters you, say Rumi; and it needs the right place and right time for such a Light to shine. Thank you to Inner Activist for creating that space at the right time for many of us.Gulalai Habib, Kiwassa Neighbourhood House Director of Settlement and Employment Programs

Aubrey_1.jpgThe most transformative part of my experiences at Conscious Use of Power was seeing the facilitators and participants, in moments of struggle and conflict, model listening, accountability, repair and support to one another. Witnessing the embodiment of these processes was life changing. I feel my life and community has lacked sufficient examples of this crucial part of change making. Like being a gender you do not see represented in the world, it can feel hopeless and disorienting to know that there must be some way to do conflict that is more authentic and productive, without being provided a map or example you can begin to learn from or mimic. I feel a renewed commitment to exploring my own actions and reactions in the world, and to hearing observations or feedback from others around how I conduct myself professionally, personally and spiritually. I am now exploring parts of my ingrained systems and shadow self that I have never dared to face before. I am moving through this process while offering myself the compassion exemplified by the group and the facilitation team.- Aubrey Cooper, Self Employed

Nessa_2.jpgTo me, Conscious Use of Power was a complete and powerful package of learning mechanisms! By heart I am a change maker and I believe in strong social relationships with dignity of power. This course not only helped to increase and improved my knowledge and skills, but also taught me how to use these tools in an effective way and consciously in my personal and professional life.Fazilatan Nessa, East Scarborough Storefront

Finally, an enormous thank you to all of our donors. You have made a significant difference in supporting changemakers! This year we saw a dramatic increase in the number of individual donors and very generous organizations who see the transformative impact of Inner Activist courses. A special thank you to: Vancity, UFCW Local 1518, Brad White, the Joel and Dana Solomon Fund, the Chaloult Wallace Fund, Sonny Conely, Megan Ashbury, David Gray-Donald, Martin Wale, Ruth Curtin, Judy Morrison, Christine Fletcher, Izzy Czerveniak, Samantha Gambling plus a few anonymous donors, and of course our family of Inner Activist donors. Thank you!

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We look forward to provide another year of powerful trainings to support individuals and communities working tirelessly to create a better world for all of us. We will again be offering Building Personal Mastery and Conscious Use of Power in 2018. Please stay tuned!

Happy holidays everyone! Wishing peace and justice to you all!