Tides Canada interviews the Inner Activist

In December 2013, Inner Activist Marketing & Operations Manager, Leslie Dickout, had the pleasure of chatting with Tides Canada to talk about our upcoming retreat course, Building Personal Mastery. Here is the interview, reposted with permission from the Tides Canada website.

Tides Canada project, The Inner Activist, offers a unique leadership program for change makers. Their upcoming course, Building Personal Mastery, running from March 10 – 16, 2014, helps participants build leadership by providing skills and practices that focus on creating a more aware, balanced and inspired social change practice. We interviewed Leslie Dickout, Marketing and Operations Manager, to get an in depth view of Inner Activist’s work, and what to expect at the upcoming course.

Inner Activist participants Phil Vernon and Deblekha Guin. Photo by Niko Kozobolidis.

Tides Canada (TC): Tell us a bit about Inner Activist and the work you do.

Leslie Dickout (LD)The Inner Activist is a world-class leadership development program serving change makers, activists, leaders and social entrepreneurs across North America.

Our mission is to help people become radically more effective in their change-making work within their organizations and in their communities. We bring together participants from diverse communities, backgrounds and locations with facilitators from some of the most powerful and challenging leadership development programs in North America.

Participants who come through our courses leave with a deeper understanding of themselves, of how to overcome challenges they face within their leadership or change making roles, how to create more balance and sustainability in the work they do and how to find more inspiration while doing it!

TC: What is “Building Personal Mastery” about and what can attendees expect?

LD: Building Personal Mastery is a week-long leadership course held at the Haven Institute on Gabriola Island, British Columbia. The course is led by four expert facilitators who focus on assisting participants to build their self-awareness and gain practical tools that can help them address any current barriers they may be experiencing in their work, communities and lives. We look at issues related to ego, identity, how we relate to and collaborate with others, and how to create a stronger alignment between how we understand ourselves internally and our external actions. Participants learn to apply new skills and techniques to help bring balance, compassion, clarity and renewed energy to their work and to their lives.

TC: What is the most exciting aspect about this course?

LD: The diversity of participants. The course content is entirely transformative – that speaks for itself. But it is the participants that always take the experience to the next level. Each person brings their own unique background, experiences within their communities or organizations, even their own definitions of and focus related to what it is to be a “change maker.” This diversity creates an incredibly rich learning environment for facilitators and participants alike.

TC: What type of people can attendees expect to meet, and what do they get out of the course?

LD: Building Personal Mastery tends to be our most popular course year. In 2013, we had an incredible range of participants. Professionally that meant small business people, union leaders, government employees, front line activists and non-profit workers – all with their own unique heritages and understanding of why they had chosen to register for the course.

The best way to know what they got out of the course is to hear it in their own words. We compiled some of their feedback in this blog written after last year’s Building Personal Mastery course wrapped up.

TC: Any other information we should know about Inner Activist and your upcoming course?

LD: It is very important to us to create as much accessibility, equity and inclusion as possible. This is why we created the Change Makers Scholarship and Bursary funds, which help to cover all or part of the cost of tuition, accommodation and food. We urge anyone interested to apply by emailing info@inneractivist.com.