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Stories of transformation

Thank you 2017!

By Jorge Salazar - December 08, 2017

What a tremendous year of learning. As I complete my first year as Project Director, what I feel the most is grateful. 

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What is Inner Activism?

By Camille dumond - May 17, 2017

For me, it’s valuing our most marginal inner experiences and making them useful to our change work in the world.

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All things must change…

By Ian Curtin - November 22, 2016

As with all journeys, there comes a time to say goodbye. As I leave my Project Director role, I am experiencing a wide range of emotions.

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Why should I care about my social identity?

By Ian Curtin - July 20, 2016

As change makers, knowing our social identity is fundamental to understanding our relationship with power and how we can work consciously and effectively with power to create change.

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