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Accountability and Men's Work

By Tahia Ahmed - May 01, 2019

A conversation with Parker Johnson about the need for intersectional and anti-oppressive men's work in progressive communities.

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A Walk Through the Field of Power

By Camille dumond - October 06, 2018

Inner Activist faculty member, Camille Dumond provides a glimpse into the conversations we will be having at Conscious Use of Power in a couple weeks.

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The Privilege of Doing Inner Work

By InnerActivist - August 31, 2018

As these summer months come to an end and the Inner Activist gears up for our upcoming offerings, our staff Jorge Salazar and Tahia Ahmed reflect on the lessons they have learned about doing their work from the inside out.

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Thank you 2017!

By Jorge Salazar - December 08, 2017

What a tremendous year of learning. As I complete my first year as Project Director, what I feel the most is grateful. 

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What is Inner Activism?

By Camille dumond - May 17, 2017

For me, it’s valuing our most marginal inner experiences and making them useful to our change work in the world.

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