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Inner Activist Programs

Conscious use of power

Understand your relationship to power. Be a more effective collaborator and ally.

How we are in the world, how we relate, collaborate and lead arises in part from our experiences with power. Power can be a negative force, creating division, polarization and systems of oppression, or it can be a source of personal growth and collective transformation. Conscious Use of Power deepens our understanding of the conflicts, polarization, and feelings (such as anger, pain, guilt, helplessness, apathy and despair) caused by abuse of power and the resulting trauma. We explore the development of our social identities, both marginalized and dominant, as sources of strength and wisdom, and as places of deep wounding. Together we work to support the inner and outer changes which build solidarity, allyship and collective power.

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“This is an eye and heart opener for anyone who cares about the future, the planet and how we treat each other. Through a combination of practices, deep conversations, connection to nature and each other, participants are invited to explore the complex intersection of their identities and the power dynamics and bias shaped by systems and structures of oppression and colonization.

Silvia Di Blasio
The Work that Reconnects

Building personal mastery

Create a more self-aware, balanced and inspired social change practice.

In all realms of our lives – personal, relational, professional, we are shaped and activated by dynamics which are often hidden from our conscious awareness and define our sense of self. These dynamics can negatively impact personal relationships and our efforts to collaborate at work and live with community. Collectively, they can block our potential to work in solidarity across difference. Building Personal Mastery challenges us to unearth the drivers (from our personal history and social location) which create both inner stress and unproductive patterns of relating. Together we deepen our capacity for self awareness and reconnect with what motivates and inspires us.

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“This course gave me insight into all the ways I get in the way of my own success. I feel my capacity as a change agent is about to blossom as a result of taking this course.”

Tesicca Truong
Co-Founder, CityHive Vancouver
Inner Activist Taster

Inner Activist Taster

Never been to one of the Inner Activist’s courses? Our taster workshops are made for you.

These workshops are led by our experienced facilitators that feature tools used in our retreat courses as an introduction to our approach to building community from the inside out.

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“Inner Activist courses successfully integrate a diversity of approaches and leadership styles, providing real richness and deep learning.”

Ian McLachlan, Manager
Climate Action, British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture

Custom workshops

The Inner Activist supports community organizations to deepen their commitment to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion through customized programs delivered to your leadership team.

Our skilled faculty and staff use tools and models from our flagship courses to explore challenging questions about who you are as an organization, what are your values, and where are you going next. Your team will gain a better understanding of power and privilege on all levels of your organization and unpack white dominant culture and how it shows up in the good work that you are wanting to do.

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“Inner Activist courses allowed me to develop greater compassion for myself and others, and greater awareness of how marginality and privilege infuses everything we do and say. A reminder to constantly question my assumptions, and develop a more nuanced ability (hopefully) to use my power wisely while supporting others to do the same.”

Caitlyn Vernon
Coastal Campaigner, Sierra Club of British Columbia