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The one conflict skill you will ever need

By Julie Diamond - October 29, 2014

Hint: it’s not a skill. I was talking to my friend Shakil over at Anima leadership the other day, about the book he’s working on, Deep Diversity: Overcoming the Unconscious Power of Bias, Tribes and Emotions (forthcoming, Between The Lines Press, Toronto). We were discussing the value of conflict resolution skills for diversity work. 

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What is your relationship to power?

By Ian Curtin - October 01, 2014

Power is a key issue for almost anyone working for a healthier, more just society. Often activists focus on changing political or other dominant power structures. But many of us haven’t taken the time to understand our own relationship to power. 

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Meet Hawa Mire - Our newest team member

By Hawa Y. Mire - June 10, 2014

On November 22, 1992 when my youngest sister was born, my mother's friend, Marilyn, brought my siblings and I to the hospital. This is where one of my earliest memory begins.

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